In the DGIST Intelligence Augmentation Group (DIAG), we do research in the intersection of HCI and AI.
We study and build hybrid intelligence systems — combining human and machine intelligence to understand and overcome challenging computational problems.


We are looking for motivated and well-qualified students to build interactive web appliations and machine learning applications.

If you are interested in doing research under the theme of Human-Computer Interaction, Human-AI Interaction, Crowdsourcing, Human Computation, and Artificial Intelligence, please send your CV and transcript to diag.dgist@gmail.com.


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Jean Y. Song
Assistant Professor

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Chanwoo Park
M.S. Student

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Dokyun Lee
Research Intern


Our research projects include but are not limited to the following list. We are open to discuss new projects in the topic of AI, HCI, Crowdsourcing, and Human Computation. Please feel free to contact us with exciting new ideas.

"Efficient Imitation Learning for Autonomous Vehicles via Crowdsourcing High-Risk Examples"

"Intervention Techniques to Protect Mental Health for Crowd Workers Exposed to Disturbing Content"

"Understanding Experts' Task Completion Workflow to Automate Using Crowd-AI Hybrid Systems"


‚Äč We welcome collaborations!
If you have any questions or would like to hear more about our research, please feel free to shoot us an email: diag.dgist@gmail.com